Our Rooms


Baby Room

Our Baby Room is a dedicated space for babies aged 3 months - 2 years and offers spaces for 9 children, working on a 1:3 ratio.  We have split our Baby Room into two rooms and have the snug for our pre-walkers, this has soft furnishings, cots and soft mats for our babies to rest and sleep on aswell as a variety of baby toys and sensory equipment to help stimulate our children.

Our next room is for when babies progress to walking, in this room we have many activities which are changed daily and themed, also linking to learning outcomes, ie valentines day, pancake day, spring, winter etc.  We strongly believe that it is beneficial for our babies to have an enabling environment to encourage independance.


Toddler Room

Our Toddler Room can accommodate 16 children working with a 1:4 ratio and is for children aged 2-3.  We see our Toddler Room as a place for our children to thrive whilst continuing to develop communication skills and mastering physical strength and agility.  Through a combination of adult initiated and child led play our toddlers can develop their own ideas, extend their social interaction skills and enjoy the freedom of movement and space.  Your toddler will challenge their conventions, learn new words and skills and build upon their ability to express their feelings.


Pre-school Room

Our Pre-school Room can hold 24 children with staff working to a 1:8 ratio.  We feel our pre-school room is a place for your child to grow whether it is your first experience of our Pre-school Room or your child is migrating from the toddler room, the Pre-school children and staff are ready and waiting for you.  This is the room to take everything you have learnt to the next level, to expand upon your childs ever growing knowledge, skills and independence so that you are ready and raring to go when 'big school' beckons.  We celebrate festivals and learn about cultures and we talk about and discover events from the past and present.


Outside Area

We have a purpose built outside area for each of our rooms.  These are equipped with wind shelters and specialist outdoor flooring.  On our Pre-school room garden we have a side garden for exploring nature and growing seeds and plants.  We often grasp the seasons and play in the garden, for example, playing in and with leaves in the garden and after a rainfall, playing in the puddles which the rain has created.