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Equality and Inclusive practice

Inclusive early years practice is the development of positive attitudes, clear strategies and positive approaches towards equality within early years provisions.  Equality means giving everyone the opportunity to reach their full potential and an equal chance to live the lives as they choose.

SEN (Special Educational Needs)

At Noah's we have our own SENCO (Special Educational needs co-ordinator) enabling us to provide the very best possible care for those children who require extra support in their nursery life.  Our SENCO works alongside the room staff to help and advise where necessary and also offer parental support and guidance.  To read our SEND offer please click below.

SEND Offer

EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)

At Noah's Nursery we use the EYFS to help educate our Children.  There are seven areas of learning and development, all areas are important and inter-connecting.  The three prime areas are: Communication and Language, Physical development and Personal, Social and Emotional development.  The specific areas are literacy, maths, understanding the world and expressive arts and design.

Not for Profit

Noah's Nursery is non profit making (trading as a subsidiary of Harwich Connexions Community Trust).   We do not run for profit, therefore, you can rest assured that every penny raised is re-invested into the Nursery for the good of the children who attend and their families.  

The Key person approach

We believe that the key person approach is vital for your child.  We feel this approach aids the settling in process and strengthens the parents, child and nursery carer relationship and helps lay out the foundations of excellent communication between all three.  Each child is respected as an individual and as such, the key person will be a staff member with whom they can develop a particular bond.


Whether your child is progressing within the nursery (moving from one room to another) or getting ready to start school, transitions can be a daunting process.  Many children within the nursery naturally reach a point at which they are ready for the next room, whilst others need lots of support and reassurance.  Which ever your child requires, our staff, who know them well are on hand to make the transition as smooth and exciting as possible.